Schnittstelle zu Hotel Spider


Ab sofort können sich alle Kunden von ZimmerSoftware eine Schnittstelle für den Channel Manager von Hotel Spider einrichten lassen. Dieser bietet enorme Flexibilität und Freiheit für Sie! Für die Kooperation wurde ein Text in englischer Sprache verfasst:

More than a Property Management Software

Easy, Efficient, Low-Cost

We at CloudRooms provide an all-in-one solution for all types of hotels in various countries across Europe. It is our goal to help our customers increase revenue and save money for an unbeatable price. In order to do that we do not simply offer a booking plan but rather support our customers extensively with a large set of features concerning all parts of running a rental property that facilitate work on a daily basis.

The benefits of a cloud based system

Our Property Management Software is a comprehensive cloud based system that lets you use every single one of its many features comfortably anywhere and everywhere on all devices connected to the internet, whether in the office, at the receptionor even on the road! Our interface is easy to use and as opposed to many other products we completely avoided any use of drag and drop for ideal usabilityon touch-screens.

Optimization for all demands

Since we service various types of hotels it is our priority to optimize both functionality and usability to guarantee a successful utilization. Our customers range from small pensionsto large hotels with numerous branches across different cities. Therefore we carefully set up our system in close cooperation with the customer to conform to the individual requirements. We have frequently even managed to save our customers money because they were able to avoid taxes.

Premium features

CloudRooms not only supplies you with basic features such as Check-in, Check-out, Guests in House, Price Management, Finances or Statistics. We have a largelist of premium features in terms of Quality Control or Staff Management which support you on a daily basis and make your work easier than ever!

Some of them include:

  • Laundry Management
  • Chat functionality
  • Communication system
  • Web booking on your own website
  • Channel Management
  • Automatically created lists for room service
  • Service schedule
  • Integrated duty roster
  • Numerous tools for corporate guests
  • Export tools for Finances and Statistics
  • File sharing
  • Time clock for keeping track of your employees
  • And many more!

Cooperation with Hotel Spider

As the industry is constantly changing we are pleased to count Hotel Spider among our partners. This cooperation has helped many hoteliers to increase their online sales with the provided channel manager that is always reliable and with its clear central reservation system. We share the same goal of simplifying processes and create solutions which empower hotels on a daily basis. Hotel Spider’s channel manager allows its customers to implement their own strategies and offers unmatched flexibility. We hope to continue this cooperation for many years to come.

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